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Mr. Kafka is the Founding member and Senior Partner at Kafka Kort Barristers. He is a lifelong resident of the Bay of Quinte region. Early beginnings included being raised on a Farm where hard work and long hours were the norm. This translated well into a strong work ethic while participating in sports, music and his post- Secondary education at Queen's University where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and Bachelor of Laws Degree.


The moment Mr. Kafka was called to the Bar he knew that his calling was to practise Criminal Defence work. He was the first lawyer in Belleville to dedicate his entire practice to defending the citizens of this Community from the massive and sometimes arbitrary powers of the State. He has appeared before the Youthful Offenders Court, Ontario Court of Justice Criminal Division and the Superior Court of Justice. His resume includes successful defences of all matter of offences such as theft, domestic violence, drug charges, impaired driving, weapons related crimes, money laundering, fraud, criminal negligence and the most serious offences under the Criminal Code such as manslaughter and Murder. He represents both Adult and Youthful Offenders.


Mr. Kafka also assists Clients with Applications before the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, Pardons, Criminal Waivers for entry into the USA and defending matters before the Provincial Offences Court under the Highway Traffic Act, Environmental Offences, and transgressions involving Hunting and Fishing Regulations.


The key to Mr. Kafka's success in the Courtroom is extensive preparation. Long hours and a tireless work ethic are a formidable combination that challenges the Prosecution's case and can raise a reasonable doubt in even the most difficult of cases. Put Mr. Kafka's relentless drive and experience to work for you the next time the State attempts to infringe on your Liberty.

Edward J. Kafka
B.A. (Hons) LL.B.

Pieter J. Kort
B.A. (Hons) LL.B.

Pieter Kort is a Partner at Kafka Kort Barristers. His Practice is dedicated to defending individuals charged with criminal offences. Mr. Kort was born and raised in Belleville. He earned his Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) and his LL.Bfrom Queen's University. He was called to the Bar in 2004.


Mr. Kort serves the legal community as the President of the Hastings County Law Association. He also serves his local community by coaching minor hockey, soccer and ball hockey.


Mr. Kort has successfully defended clients charged with the most serious offences in the Criminal Code of Canada and the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. He is a tenacious Trial Lawyer and fearless Advocate.




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